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Holistic Care at St. Joseph Chiropractic

Welcome to St. Joseph Chiropractic, where we service your health needs. Chiropractic care provides an alternative health option to those looking for natural, drug-free treatments. We believe in the body’s ability to restore itself to optimal health as our chiropractor, Dr. Mattox, positions your spine. Gentle spinal manipulations reduce pressure on nerves, alleviate muscle tension and helps reduce inflammation.

chiropractor talking to patient in st joseph

Natural Pain Relief with Our St. Joseph Chiropractor

While a chiropractor is most often sought out for back pain relief, our St. Joseph chiropractor also helps to bring relief to extremities such as your shoulders, knees, wrists, ankles and hips through gentle adjustments. Our health team also provides lifestyle guidance to support your weight loss goals and recovery from auto, work or sports injuries.

Conditions Treated at St. Joseph Chiropractic

Residents of St. Joseph and the surrounding areas are invited to St. Joseph Chiropractic for treatment of a variety of conditions. Not only do we restore your spinal health, our chiropractor is also skilled in bringing relief for:

  • Back Pain

    If your back has been injured in an accident or is painful due to years of poor posture, chiropractic care provides an effective pain-relief option.

  • Neck Pain

    If you are struggling with neck pain from whiplash, poor posture or a spinal malformation such as scoliosis, gentle adjustments bring relief.

  • Headaches

    Our St. Joseph chiropractor evaluates your symptoms to determine the source of your headaches, then sets a chiropractic care plan to alleviate your pain.

  • Migraines

    For severe headaches that include nausea, light sensitivity and fatigue, our chiropractor positions your spine to encourage circulation to the brain. Then, we discuss healthy nutrition to avoid migraine triggers.

  • Auto Accident Injury

    Injuries from an auto accident may include herniated discs, whiplash, chest pain, shoulder dislocations or muscle injuries. Our natural treatment options restore you to health quickly and without side effects.

  • Scoliosis

    We are skilled in identifying and caring for spinal malformations including scoliosis and kyphosis. If you or your child’s spine is out of alignment, chiropractic adjustments encourage a straighter spine and less discomfort such as back pain and headaches.

  • Concussions

    If you have suffered a blow to the head and are experiencing memory difficulties, focusing concerns or headaches, chiropractic adjustments alleviate these symptoms.

  • Weight control

    Chiropractic care is a holistic approach that includes exercises and nutritional support to encourage weight loss or weight maintenance.

  • Disc bulges/herniations

    If the disc between your vertebrae is leaking out of its location, the pressure on the nerves causes pain. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine encourage your body to absorb the disc into its natural place.

  • Plantar Fasciitis

    Our chiropractor examines your foot pain and helps alleviate heel and arch pain associated with inflammation.

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    If you are dealing with wrist pain, our chiropractor adjusts your wrists to reduce pressure on the small nerves traveling through the tunnel.

Our services are all-inclusive and we welcome the opportunity to care for your entire family’s health needs. If you are experiencing any of the above conditions or others not on the list, please contact us at 816-279-0700 for your free initial exam and consultation.