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St. Joseph Chiropractic offers many types of physiotherapies in addition to spinal manipulation. These therapies are designed to enhance and quicken recovery from injuries and various conditions. Therapies that we often use include:

Intersegmental Stabilizer: Passive stretch used to unlock joints of the spine that may be "stuck". This action increases flexibility so that you can bend and move normally. Ten minutes of this treatment is equal to 300 sit ups for your ligaments without affecting the stomach muscles.

Diathermy: Radio wave that increases circulation for ligament repair, especially when combined with the Intersegmental stabilizer.

Infrared Light: Special spectrum of light to kick-start/stimulate healing and relieve pain.

Cold Light Laser: Super pulsed laser, red light, infrared light and magnetic field to reduce pain quickly and effectively.

Ultrasound: Sound wave that helps push out swelling from inflamed or painful joints.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Electrical current used to short-circuit muscle "wiring" to induce relaxation of the muscle. EMS also works on decreasing muscle spasm and pain.

Therastim: 3-dimensional electrical therapy that replicates EMS functions as well as penetrates into the joint/nerve space for a numbing effect. When done with Range of Motion stretches, therastim allows for muscle and ligament retraining. (See Rehab)

Rehab/Vibe: Re-strengthens/ Re-coordinates muscle and ligament balance/function, and allows the brain to create new pathways to allow you to function without pain.

Qi-Gong: Sound wave that stimulates circulation as well as healing for long lasting results.

Disc Decompression: Promotes disc/joint space rehydration and reduces ruptures that push on painful nerves.

Gait Training: Active rehabilitation involving re-coordination on a treadmill which can include gait correction and/or unweighting components.